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Integrating engineered and natural infrastructure

challenges and opportunities
19 Oct 2015
11:30 - 12:50
wadi rum hall 1

Integrating engineered and natural infrastructure

When planning integrated grey and green infrastructure for multiple uses, what are enabling factors are needed to develop such approaches?

The water-energy-food nexus is a series of connections, or the focal point of connections across the sectors. Infrastructure both engineered (e.g. dams, irrigation schemes) and natural (e.g. wetlands, floodplains), is a focal point as it is needed to provide water for different uses. Isolated infrastructure solutions aimed at just one sector are no longer fit for purpose – as disturbance and change in one part of the system can destabilise another part.

The workshop will focus on practical approaches of integrating engineered and natural infrastructure at catchment and urban scales which provides water resources for water, energy, and food systems now and into the future. The workshop will also look at the the governance challenges, and what are the opportunities for addressing these through improving the enabling environment.

Katharine Cross (IWA) will set the scene followed by presentations by Hannah Baleta (Pegasys) and Amer Abdel Majeed (IUCN). There will then be a panel discussion with the speakers as well as Dr. Sutat Weesakul (HAII), Raymond Siebrits (GreenCape) and Birguy Lamizana (UNEP).