Australia, a Premium Water Destination

The water challenges faced in Australia have led to the development of an industry that is innovative, vigorous and focused on results. The Australian urban water industry is highly capable. It provides first class technical and engineering solutions, and offers world-leading expertise in strategic asset management, governance and price reform, and this capability is underpinned by world-class scientific and technical expertise.

Australia’s water sector expertise is in demand internationally and Australian companies are active around the world. Australian companies providing water management services, technologies and solutions for the water industry are renowned for their innovation, efficiency and capability.

Australian Expertise in Water Management

Australia has significant expertise in water sector governance, system management, water treatment technologies, river and environmental management and in other fields is highly respected. Reform in the water sector has led to an increase in productivity of more than 50 per cent and water use efficiency per capita that is among the best in the industrialised world.
Australian expertise in water spans urban water, agriculture & mining activities.

Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine State

Queensland is home to some of the world’s most iconic world heritage listed attractions. Known as the Sunshine State with sandy white beaches, tropical islands and flame red outback sunsets, it is the perfect destination for work and recreation.
From seemingly endless coastlines to the great expanses of the outback, the world famous Great Barrier Reef and an array of luscious rainforests, Queensland is like nowhere else on earth.
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