Governing Members

Governing Members are at the heart of building IWA’s vision of a Water Wise World. They are the IWA on the ground at national and regional level, who convene people locally to share best practice and explore new ways of innovating water solutions. The Governing Members nurture and grow the IWA Network, through which they share the latest science, technology and best practices from the sector. The Governing Members aim to see the fruition IWAs vision.

Currently representing IWA members in 53 countries, Governing Members reflect the diversity of the water sector at country level mirroring the breadth and strength of IWA’s global network. They work at national and regional level to strengthen their sector by bridging divides between sectors and disciplines to create real change in water policy, water practice and water management on the ground.

Governing Members are led by committees of representatives from across a country’s water sector and are also a member of IWA’s Governing Assembly. Governing Members are supported by on-line tools, facilitating interaction amongst individual members and creating opportunities to generate ideas and share best practice.

Member Countries on the IWA Govering Assembly