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Professionals in the water sector require continuous development to be able to stay abreast with the changing environment circumstances. No matter in which stage of your career, IWA provides you with guidance and opportunities to build up the competences required to succeed. This includes a set of tools on how to develop your career, as well as opportunity of professional updating, learning, training and networking.

Short-term courses

High-rate Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

TU Delft English, from 795 EUR 21 days left

An Introduction to the UK Water Industry

CIWEM English, from 175 GBP Water Resource 26 days left

Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems: the Nexus between Water, Energy and Food

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona English, from 0 EUR Water-energy-food nexus 33 days left

Online Course on Biological Wastewater Treatment: Principles, Modelling and Design

IHE Delft English, from 1076 EUR Wastewater treatment 82 days left

Online Course on Faecal Sludge Management

IHE Delft from 896 EUR Faecal Sludge Management 82 days left
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Self-paced courses

Water Resources Management and Policy

University of Geneva English, French, from 0 EUR Water management CONTINUOUS COURSE

Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EAWAG-Sandec English, French, Spanish, from 0 EUR Drinking water CONTINUOUS COURSE

Climate Change and Water in Mountains: A Global Concern

University of Geneva English, from 0 USD Water & Climate Change CONTINUOUS COURSE

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries Part 2: Developing Effective Interventions

University of Manchester English, from 0 EUR Water and Sanitation CONTINUOUS COURSE

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries Part 1: Understanding Complex Problems

University of Manchester English, from 0 EUR Water Supply and Sanitation CONTINUOUS COURSE
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Climate resilient water safety planning

International Water Association (IWA) English, Free Climate resilient utilities 42 days left

New advances in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Modelling

IWA Specialist Group On Modelling and Integrated Assessment English, Free EBPR modelling ON DEMAND

How to tackle inefficiencies in water services in a low-carbon future?

Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM) English, Free Integrated water management ON DEMAND
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Water MScs

Water Management and Governance

IHE Delft, United nations English, from 19000 EUR water challenges, involving hydrological, biophysical, chemical, economic, institutional, legal, policymaking and planning aspects. 1 days left

Urban Water and Sanitation

IHE Delft, United Nations English, from 19000 EUR water supply, sanitation and integrated urban engineering, particularly in urban areas. 1 days left

Water and Waste Engineering

Louhgobourgh university, WEDC English, from 13000 GBP Study the programme at MSc, Postgraduate Diploma, or Postgraduate Certificate levels by distance learning 76 days left

Master of Integrated Water Management

English, from 35000 AUD 124 days left
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