Water and Waste Engineering

Postgraduate Certificate


As an engineer or scientist intent on improving the delivery of water and sanitation services in low-and middle-income countries, this programme will enable you to develop your knowledge, expertise and skills in many aspects of inclusive and sustainable public health infrastructure and services. It includes non-technical modules that will broaden your education base opening up opportunities for you to take on managerial roles.
Study water and wastewater engineering, especially for low- and middle-income countries

Focus on the processes involved in water supply and sanitary waste planning and design
Develop expertise in sustainable public health infrastructure and services from an international perspective
Study flexibly with full-time or distance learning options

Course Objectives

Complete this programme and you will be able to:

integrate technical and non-technical issues into project planning, design, execution and evaluation;
understand how to design and choose appropriate water supply and environmental sanitation options for low- and middle-income countries;
benefit from a thorough knowledge of major international developments and initiatives relating to water and wastewater engineering; and
plan the delivery of sustainable public health engineering services by combining technical, social and institutional issues.