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Individual Membership

Be part of the IWA network of 10, 000 water professionals worldwide. Enhance your career in the water sector by acquiring and sharing knowledge with leading water professionals in the world. Learn global and local world-class best practices, develop your skills, network and be a leading water professional. You can choose your specialist groups according to your expertise areas and be in the forefront of leading edge developments. To find out more and join as an individual member click here.

Corporate Membership

The water sector is a global activity vital to human life and eco systems. IWA Corporate membership enables your company or organisation to deliver world class water solutions, qualifying and elevating your staff’s expertise as water professionals and to be part of a worldwide network. Facilitating professional development and expanding brand outreach, the IWA Corporate membership is the most comprehensive way for your company/organisation to be relevant in dealing with the world’s water challenges. To find out more and join as a corporate member click here.


Science and research are at the core of water knowledge and innovation developed and shared by IWA members globally. Top academics in the water field - and beyond - benefit from an IWA membership plan, allowing themselves and their universities to share, benchmark and profile their research and work with prominent water organisations, governments, business and individuals worldwide. To find out more and join as a university member click here.


For Researchers

Where solutions begin: Researchers and scientists make connections with networks of peers who, like themselves, are working at universities or research centres on topics in which they specialize and publish. For researchers IWA provides a responsive and flexible platform for conferences, and prestigious journals for publishing. As solution providers, research members of IWA value the opportunity to interact through the Association with “problem owners” in the utility, consulting, regulatory and industrial communities of the membership

For Consultants

Connecting problem owners with solution providers: Consultants play a very important role in the water sector as the primary translator of knowledge emerging from research into solutions that water services practitioners need to solve their challenges. IWA serves as a linking mechanism for consultants, connecting them with the best in research and technology – the solution providers – and those who are seeking solutions – the problem owners – represented by utilities, regulators and industry.

For Industry

Using water sustainably: Large, water-intensive industrial firms (e.g. chemical companies, oil companies) that internally manage their influent or effluent have technical directors and staff with needs that are closely aligned with the mission and membership of IWA. IWA provides these individuals with a valuable source of cross-fertilization and serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and professional enrichment with other segments of the community of water professionals.

For Equipment manufactures

Translating ideas into products: Like consultants, manufacturers translate research knowledge and experience from other industries into products that create solutions to problems. IWA provides significant opportunities for manufacturers to connect with their customers in a professionals networking environment;

For Utilities

Managing water services worldwide: For utility leaders, IWA provides the opportunity to develop networks of peers and to interact with them on those issues critical to running their utilities. Utility directors, technicians and policy analysts typically and necessarily focus on a broad set of issues, usually spanning the entire range of the specialist groups, that change over time as problems surface and are conquered. IWA’s emphasis on practice studies and informal interaction provides a unique perspective covering all aspects of water management from service delivery through finance, policy and legal issues and customer interaction. In addition, the IWA International Water Utility Leaders Forum provides utility CEOs with a unique forum for international collaboration and action.

For Regulators

Safeguarding public health: Customer service, economic and environmental regulators are working closely with those they regulate to pursue optimal solutions to new problems that meet shared goals of public health, environmental and economic safeguards. IWA provides the regulatory community with opportunities to associate with one another and build better bridges with other IWA communities, leading ultimately to best practice regulation;


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