October 19, 2017

Philip Giantris, a true water sector visionary



It is with deep regret that we announce the loss of Philip D. Giantris, President of the Valu Add Management Services, and Executive Director of SHUKALB.

Philip passed away today, in a hospital in Tirana, Albania surrounded by family and friends. He was 74.

Philip was born and grew up in Worcester, USA, in a tight-knit Albanian community. His parents were Albanian emigrants who moved to the United States in the early 1920’s and raised him and his siblings with enormous love for Albanian roots and culture.

In 1988, Philip opened up his own consulting business that took him all over the world—including fulfilling a longtime goal and promise Philip had made to his mother and hero Elefteria, to give back to Albania, the country that shaped him more than any other.  In 2000, Philip decided to establish his own consulting company in Albania, Valu Add Management Services, a company specialized in water sector utility management with an Albanian staff of professional engineers, economists and business management specialists.  His unique knowledge of the key issues that define success in the water sector, for government at all levels, has made him and his firm a valued advisory resource to governments such as South Africa, Romania, Egypt, Israel, Kosovo, Montenegro, Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines and Albania.

In the same year he opened Valu Add Management Services, he became the driving force behind the formation and growth of the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB), where he served as the Executive Director, on a purely voluntary basis.

Philip was a seasoned professional in the provision of policy and technical advisory services in the water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure sector.  His knowledge of the key issues that define success in this sector made him, and his firm, a valued advisory resource to governments such as Nigeria, Israel, South Africa, Romania, Lebanon, Egypt, Bosnia and Albania, as well as a number of municipalities in the United States and Canada.

Philip was tireless and passionate about his work to the point that he would infect everybody with his passion and vision.  He impacted the professional lives of so many young people and other professionals in Albania with his example of excellence.  To Philip, only the best was good enough!

Philip was a man who could always find the best and most interesting in everyone, and everything.  He was a fearless person who was not afraid to voice his opinion, even when everyone else was against him.  He was a man of integrity, and he passed those values on to his staff.

He touched so many people with his example of determination, hard work, high work ethics, but also compassion, care and love.

In 2010 he was honored by the President of Albania with the medal for “Special Civil Merits” for his contribution in the Water Sector.

Commenting on the loss of a true water sector visionary, Diane d’Arras, President of IWA, said: “I would like to stress Philip’s human qualities, so evident in volunteering his time and expertise with the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania. Philip was truly passionate about his work and was always ready to help you and share with you. He was supportive of IWA globally, and he has also left his mark on the Association through his active participation in it, in particular in the Young Water Professionals program. The loss of Philip is sad for our whole network, which will no longer be able to share ideas with him and profit from his positive vision. I offer his family the sincere condolences on behalf of everyone in the IWA”.

Arlinda Ibrahimllari (Chairperson of the Future Water Leaders Steering Committee of the IWA),

Diane D’Arras, and Philip Giantris  at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016, in Brisbane


Philip’s family and staff invite you to a ceremony in his memory on Saturday, 21 October at 11:00 o’clock at the Orthodox Church, Rruga Kavajes, Tirana, Albania, followed by a reception.