Improving Water Security for the Poor (REACH)

REACH is a new global research programme to improve water security for the poor by delivering world-class science that transforms policy and practice. The seven-year programme is led by the University of Oxford, funded by the UK Department of International Development, and brings together a consortium of global leaders, including the International Water Association (IWA), as a research into action partner, in water science, policy and practice.

Blog Posts

April 9, 2018
Ambiguity and paradox management are as much daily concerns for water utility leaders as integrated water resources management. Opening a drinking water tap is ...
November 25, 2015
Ask most people what the link between gender, poverty and water is and they’ll refer to the role of women in collecting water. However, this focus on domestic...
November 16, 2015
Access to water is a huge challenge for refugees. In more than half of refugee camps around the world,refugees cannot secure the minimum daily water requirement...
Pritha Hariram
Programme Manager, Water & Sanitation Services