Young Water Professionals.
In charge of the future water sector.

At the forefront of the design, development and implementation of current change processes,

IWA’s activities for Young Water Professionals aim to empower the next generation of water leaders.

Young Water Professionals

It is clear that the water sector should invest in recruitment, management and development of young staff, as well as put them at the forefront of design, development and implementation of current change processes. It is not a concern of the future, it is happening now!

IWA invests in Young Water Professionals, by empowering them within the association and the water sector. Young members will be able to build their career in this network, by connecting and contributing (work with peers internationally) to the water sector, and through this build their network, develop professionally, and gain profile.

Meet the Emerging Water Leaders Steering committee

Representative body of young members (35 and below) that provides advice to the association about the appropriate ways to serve young professionals needs, support their empowerment and engage and contribute them in IWA’s current activities at national and international level

Arlinda Ibrahimllari
Chair IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee& Technical Director of the Sanitation Dept. - Korça Water Works Utility (UKKO) Albania
Hesam Kamyab
IWA Emerging Water Leader & Researcher Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Randolf Webb
Xylem Inc. USA, YWP Other Segments on Strategic Council & IWA Emerging Water Leader
Trine Munk
Rambøll, Denmark YWP Consultant Segement Representative, Member of the Sub-committee for Specialist Groups, & IWA Emerging Water Leader
Ana Lanham
IWA Emerging Water Leader Steering committee & Lecturer in Water Science and Engineering, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Kathryn Silvester
Sydney Water, Australia YWP Utility Segment Representative Strategic Council & IWA Emerging Water Leader
Christian Loderer
IWA Emerging Water Leader & Project and Innovation Manager - Center of Competence for Water Berlin Germany
Luke Dennis
Northumbrian Water Ltd, United Kingdom YWP Utility Segment Representative Strategic Council & IWA Emerging Water Leader
Suvritha Ramphal
IWA Emerging Water Leader & Programme Officer Royal Danish Embassy South Africa

How to Get Involved?

To take part in this global network and to contribute to shaping our water future, we encourage you to join:

Develop your professional network online, see who is part of the community, enter discussions, and see what engagement opportunities are there.

Join the local IWA YWP group to connect, and develop professional development activities. This is a great opportunity to start engaging in IWA’s network.

Take part in Specialist Group related to your field and contribute to make a difference. Gain experience working internationally and connect with experts

Enter the IWA platform to enjoy learning opportunities provided by IWA and its network.

Why Join?

In a world increasingly needing to bridge divides and break out of silos, the IWA is a cohesive network of water sector professionals who are creating impact to address global water challenges.

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Young Water Professionals 

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